English Classes for Companies & Employees


Empire State English partners with Capital Region Language Center to provide English Courses for companies, educational institutions and employees.


Program Overview

Customized Curriculum

We can develop a curriculum that aligns with your organization’s needs.

Onsite & Remote Classes

Our team of professional English language instructors can teach on-site, in-person at our school located in Albany NY or online.


English in the Workplace

English support for the workplace, private school classrooms, and agencies will be organized through our sister school, Capital Region Language Center CRLC. CRLC was founded in 2003 and has created tailored curricula for hundreds of employees from the pharmaceutical and chip making industries to the accounting office and everything in between. Would it be better to list some of these engagements to spark interest in a reader

CRLC also partners with schools for in person or synchronous virtual delivery of ESL for international high school students. From pronunciation and presentations to academic reading and writing, let us know what you need, and we will deliver.

Finally, courses can be created to help local unions and agencies hire a diverse workforce while ensuring that safety measures are understood and internal communication is productive.