Tom Mitchell


Tom Mitchell grew up in Idaho and Oregon. He holds an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign or Second
Language (TEFL/TESL) from Colorado State University as well as a BS degree in Chemical Engineering
from Oregon State University.

He joined Empire State English (ESE) and Capital Region Language Center (CRLC) in 2019 after an
engineering career that took his family and him to various parts of the US, and also Taiwan for a year
and a half, and Singapore for five years. For ten years before joining ESE and CRLC, he taught English
classes to non-native English-speaking engineers and researchers, helping them gain confidence to
function better in the workplace and community. Both native- and non-native-speaking colleagues often
approached him for advice on improving their language.

As an adult, Tom learned Spanish and conversational Mandarin Chinese. He understands the struggles
non-native speakers have when they come to America and need to communicate in a new language,
because he has had similar experiences himself. He believes that accurate pronunciation, accent, and
fluency can help native speakers understand better and have a more positive impression.
Tom has a passion for English, the first truly global language, being spoken or learned in virtually every
country. He appreciates the patterns, precision, and structure of the language and how they have
influenced its development.

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