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international student house new york

There are several options for housing while you are studying English at ESE. Each one has its own costs and rules associated with it. Below is some information to help you decide which option is best for you.


There are several hotels within walking distance of our school, in both Colonie and Saratoga Springs. Here is a list: Local hotels information (as of Nov 2016) 

Plan on spending about $3,000 per month for the room, plus another $450 per month for meals, plus another $100 for laundry and other personal items.


This is a wonderful cultural exchange opportunity for students and local hosts. You can stay with a local family who will provide you with a room, meals, and transportation to class. You will be immersed in English for more of your day than if you choose one of the other housing options, and you will make local friends who will help you adjust to the U.S.

ESE recommends American Homestay Network. They work hard to match you with the best possible host in our area. For more information, their pricing, or to apply, please visit their website.

**If you are a local resident interested in hosting foreign students, please visit AHN's host application.

Rent an apartment

We are constantly building new relationships with local places for you to rent. For now, we can recommend the Towers of Colonie within walking distance of the school if you plan to stay for more than 3 months; and College Suites in Schenectady. College Suites is an upscale dormitory-type of housing with a lot of great amenities for students, however, it requires a one-hour bus ride in each direction.

Apartment rental rates will vary depending on the apartment, number of bedrooms, and amount of time you will stay.

College Suites is $735 per month for a private room within a 4-bedroom suite. A monthly bus pass costs $65. For more information about College Suites at Washington Square, watch this video.

Stay with your own friend, family member, or acquaintance

This is obviously the least expensive option for a student, if you are lucky enough to know someone in the area.

If you plan to stay with a friend, family member, or acquaintance while studying at ESE, be aware that this is a form of sponsorship on the part of that friend, family member, or acquaintance. All sponsors must provide certain documentation, both to us and to the consulate or embassy in your country. We estimate that meals and transportation will cost $550 per month, so a sponsor must show they have enough earnings and savings to afford this amount of money. Please request the Form I-134 (also known as SPONSOR LETTER) and the Sponsored Housing information sheet from ESE's DSO.

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