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ESL Instructor Jobs

Empire State English is committed to ESL student success and quality teaching in a friendly setting

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Our Instructors

At Empire State English we pride ourselves on four main things: our commitment to student success, the rigor of our program, our welcoming teaching facilities, and the quality of our staff.

Our instructors have chosen to teach English as a Second Language as their profession. They come with qualifications ranging from Master’s degrees in TESOL and CELTA certificates to years of teaching in the United States or abroad. We are all decision-makers in the workplace and, while we have to answer to some very important agencies, we are small enough that decisions do not get held up due to big bureaucracy. We are nimble and creative and welcome like-minded team players.

Teachers work as few as two hours per week or as many as 20+, depending on qualifications and availability. Teachers should be available to teach at either of our locations.

Review our job description for an ESL Instructor.

How to Apply for an ESL Teaching Position

The process for applying begins with submitting the following information to

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Evidence of commitment to the field of ESL
  • Transcripts if MA in TESOL
  • CELTA if no MA in TESOL
  • Two (2) references