Adult Language Center

Empire State English’s sister school, the Capital Region Language Center, offers English language programs for children, institutions, and businesses, as well as instruction in many other world languages.

Give us a call with any language instruction need you have, whether for English or another world language, and we will direct you to the proper program and staff member who can assist you.

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Capital Region Language Center offers small group and private classes for children who are learning English. Children enrolled in schools pick up English quickly when surrounded by other students and staff who speak English.

If you are moving to the US during the late spring or summer, we recommend your child take English classes with us to be prepared when the school year begins. Middle school and high school classes are difficult for a child who is learning English.

We can help your child with reading, organizing information, vocabulary and the writing process.

Capital Region Language Center also offers instruction for children in several other languages.

Capital Region Language Center provides on-site language instructors for businesses and institutions, including schools.

Our business language programs assist large corporations conducting business abroad.

We offer workplace language assistance for international employees to help those who are transitioning into an English-speaking work environment.

Our instructors provide language classes for daycare centers, preschools, elementary and high schools.

ESL instruction for colleges and universities assists international students with their English proficiency.

CRLC also offers expert translation and interpretation services.

The internationalization of our region has brought an increase in translating and interpreting needs.  

Whether you have documents needing a quick turn-around time or an in-person interpreter to attend a meeting, CRLC can help.